Don’t wait until after the capital budget has been approved. You need to know how to work with the administration who figures out the scope and applies the budget and schedule. You need to bring in the key stakeholders who will work in and utilize the space to create an open and functional dialog. Architects speak a different language than healthcare workers, so the focus on the goal of patient-centered facilities can get lost in translation in the design/implementation stages. Once plans are handed off to the construction team, expectations are that the plans are accurate and build-ready.

It’s easy for a project to be derailed with so many players involved in the process.

The secret to a well done project is having a project manager from the project’s start to finish. Each stage of a project has its challenges that need to be addressed and resolved. The disciplined Health Well Done approach creates a holistic approach by harnesses the guiding principles to unify all phases of the project. Inclusiveness of all the stakeholders makes the difference between a project being done or done well.

Start now to implement the best practices to united the project stakeholders and insure your project is on time, on budget, and with ease.

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