• Mergers bring on capital projects along with new responsibilities and talent to facilities Vice Presidents (VP’s)or Directors.
  • Lack of project management process and skills result in failed projects or projects that are stuck and not moving forward.
  • VP’s don’t have time to coach or mentor project managers.
  • Projects that have failed or are stuck result in money loss and look bad in administration eyes.


  • Work with an experienced professional with 14 years of experience.
  • Focus on building the optimal patient centered environment.
  • Use a disciplined approach that uses three simple step process.
  • Look good in administrations eyes and give your talent the skills and confidence to perform.

One-on-One Coaching:

2 pinpoint sessions:  90 minutes @ $500.00

A great way to tackle issues or problems.

Result: We nip the problem in the butt and get it resolved.

5 Sessions:  Call for pricing

Let us be the eyes and ears overall to put the project back on track. We immerse ourselves into the project and do the troubling shooting with you.

Result: Over a 90-day period we get the project back on track and done well.