Program Description:

Construction has long been an extremely male-dominated field – in the US, women make up just 9% of the construction industry. But with the great diversity work being done by many companies, this is changing: that 9% is projected to grow to a whopping 25% by 2020. However, many women are unsure about how to reach their full potential within construction. With so few female role models to learn from, understanding how a woman’s unique perspective and strengths can add value to their organization and the industry can be a challenge.

This 60-minute interactive workshop is designed to help women understand the “business of themselves” in the world of construction. Using the Health Well Done (HWD3) methodology, you will be given strategies that help you identify and give meaning to your own strengths, help you frame each situation clearly in order to move ahead, and give you an understanding of the business and how you contribute to its success.

Using interactive scenarios and case studies, we will examine the dynamics of female leadership to equip you with the tools you need to handle common situations. We will also take an in-depth look at the HWD3 principals ­– Healthy Person, Healthy Team, and Healthy Business – to gain an understanding of how they relate to better outcomes for you and your company. This training will help you position yourself as a leader both inside and outside of your firm.


By the end of the “Women in Construction: It’s business, let’s not skirt the issues” Program you will be able to:

  1. Communicate with confidence the benefits you bring to the table in the many roles you play in your company and project teams.
  2. Facilitate discussion and foster collaboration in a professional manner.
  3. Define the important components of retention, project management, and building revenue for the firm using the three principals of the Health Well Done model.