In this highly engaging, interactive workshop, Health Well Done discusses, reviews, and teaches:

  • Patient safety
  • Risks associated with infections
  • The ICRA process
  • Our simple Three-Step Approach to reducing infections

By using Legos, we creatively simulate the process of applying infection prevention precautions into your construction project. Using this technique, practical information, and an ICRA matrix, When Patient Meets Construction helps to decrease the risk associated with the spread of infections.

How You Benefit from When Patient Meets Construction:

Learning about the infection prevention precautions can be arduous, but we are fiercely dedicated to teaching the critical components to construction teams with our engaging, entertaining workshop.

Patient safety is in the spotlight and it is everyone’s job to keep our patients safe. Do No Harm is the oath we need to live by to avoid legal issues, poor work, and an unsustainable healthcare environment.