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The Clinical and Construction Guide to Patient-Centered Environments

In healthcare projects, teams often work hard to meet the bottom line – the budget and schedule are always priorities and communication falls low on the list. Ultimately, the team’s focus is more on the project’s process rather than the project’s outcome.

In Other Words enables teams to discover the critical role each team member plays in guiding the future of the healthcare system. Our captivating speaker, Cathy Dolan, helps audiences:

  • Learn construction language
  • Develop strategy to reading plans
  • Experience the value of simplifying the technical language to share wisdom and experience across varying expertise
  • Apply team member’s respective wisdom and experience to the project design and construction to benefit the medical professional and, most importantly, the patient

How You Benefit from In Other Words:

It is critical for both project teams and healthcare facility staff to be considered in healthcare projects. Nursing and clinical staff alone play a crucial role in:

  • Improving quality in the built environment
  • Designing spaces to influence HCAHPS scores
  • Engaging patient/staff advisory boards

Understanding design, construction, plans, and member roles in a project is challenging, no matter your area of expertise. In Other Words reveals our simple Three-Step Approach and the essential tools to limit mistakes, decrease waste, and save time and money for everyone involved in a healthcare project.