Sound Practical Advice on Healthy Collaboration

Length of DONE workshop: 90 minutes

According to “2016 Dodge Data & Analytics Smart Market Brief: Optimizing the owner organization” Key findings in owner challenges and opportunities were broken down into two groups; people and policies and technology and processes. In the people and policies area the biggest differences between top-performers and lowest performing organization were related to stakeholder engagement. Of the top performers, only 50% said they were effective at stakeholder engagement. In the lowest-performing organizations 29% were effective.

Clearly there is work to be done in this area.

This interactive workshop geared to help real estate professionals, business world, government officials, furniture dealers and healthcare professionals with complex problem-solving through collaboration.  Through the use of Lego’s this workshop encourages engagement, collaboration and communication through play and building a mock collaboration laboratory. Skills that help to inspire, motivate and drive action. Collaboration is an art that all of us need to practice every day.

  1. Learn the three aspects of collaboration.
  2. Identify the (3) benefits of understanding the roles that shareholders play.
  3. Apply the tools and techniques of collaboration to solving a complex project problem.