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During this transformative, interactive workshop, participants will be given various scenarios to simulate the different stakeholders and situations that arise during a Healthcare project. Using a project case study and the Health Well Done methodology – which includes the Healthy Patient, Healthy Team, Healthy Project – participants will learn to:

  • Consider and account for the needs of the patient and various project stakeholders
  • Create equitable, respectful, fulfilling project environments
  • Ensure well done healthcare projects

This perspective changing event will leave you freshly invigorated and newly inspired to create optimal patient outcomes.

How You Benefit from The DONE! Workshop:

All project teams are affected by the immense pressure that healthcare projects bring.

Health Well Done provides a simple process to maximize the time, efficiency and departmental value for project teams of, to name a few:

  • Project Managers
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Construction Managers
  • Information Technologists

Our secret is our unique storytelling technique (The SPA Tool) which enables effective communication and collaboration across departments and leads to improved performance outcomes and patient centered health care.

The DONE! Workshop transforms your project stress from being overworked, lack of adequate resources, project deadlines, and a constricting budget into a project well DONE!