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Health Well Done book cover

Health Well Done

A People-Centered Management Guide to Building Healthcare Environments.

Do your healthcare projects feel overwhelming and stressful at time?

Do you have difficulty collaborating with professionals in the Health care systems?

Do you feel that your healthcare projects are just done or are they well done?

HWD is proud to present our latest product: Health Well Done: A People-Centered Management Guide to Building Healthcare Environments.

This new book by Health Well Done founder and president Cathy Dolan-Schweitzer breaks down the myriad factors that contribute to an effective approach to managing healthcare environment projects.

Gone are the days of being able to define a project success by being on time or on budget. Patient care is now a priority for everyone on the hospital team—including project managers. Terms such as patient-centered, patient-focused, and family-centered care are defining how project managers successfully manage projects.


Ms. Dolan’s book, Health Well Done is an extraordinarily helpful guide to incorporating healthcare design and construction into outcomes that will achieve a superior healing environment for patients.
Having seen Ms. Dolan’s project management theories and skills bring several projects to fruition, confirms that thoughtful and informed planning is impactful in effecting good outcomes for patient care.

Kathleen Silard
Executive VP & COO at Stamford Hospital


Through 30 years of regulatory experience I came to appreciate that a successful project is not measured solely on the outcome; planning, design and construction are all critical processes. In Well Done, Cathy provides a unique perspective that processes don’t build hospitals: people do.

Thomas M. Jung
Retired Architect & Regulator New York State Department of Health


Cathy is a seasoned professional challenging designers and builders of health facilities to make a fundamental mind shift from delivering a job well done to delivering health well done. If we are going to transform the quality of Healthcare we have to first transform our priorities and design with the patient in mind. Think for a moment, you and your family will at some time be the recipient of this care. What kind of experience and care would you like to receive? Cathy learned first-hand the need for change, the challenge to change and the capacity we do have for change. When you read Cathy’s book you will find out how to accomplish both, a good project and great care.

Rex Miller
Author of The Healthy Workplace Nudge and Change Your Space, Change Your Culture