Cathy Dolan-Schweitzer, President of Health Well Done, has a specialized background in healthcare and is a teacher at heart. She has worked as a senior project manager at Stamford Hospital, providing leadership through a 10 year master plan while creating the physical environment for the culture to evolve into a Planetree designated hospital. A resourceful team leader, she maintains a high respect for her team members.

Cathy believes a partnership of Integrated Medicine and Green Healthcare is the future of healthcare. Cathy uses much of her graduate training in Experiential Health and Healing to enhance the design, heighten the use of senses and bring the natural world into her projects. Cathy unequivocally believes human survival depends on the health of the whole planet and the resources we deem critical for commercial and economic growth must be respected. She understands that healthcare plays a big role in the consumption of those resources and the balance that must take hold. She believes we need to work together to create new programs and policies to work toward a balance. If we truly want healing to occur, we need pursue the belief that our own health is directly connected to the health of the planet.

In 2011, Cathy became a patient herself when she was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. The lessons she learned in the role of a patient- in the actual environments her team had built- was invaluable. That experience, teamed with this philosophy of an Integrated approach to healing inspired a simple three step approach to a building the optimal patient centered environment. This process ensures that the hospital’s humanistic approach is inclusive in creating the optimal patient-centered environment, catering to the unique challenges and opportunities that exist in any healthcare setting. The environment serves not only the medical professional, but most importantly the patient and their loved ones.

Cathy has the ability to rapidly assess complex situations and deliver unique solutions. Working with her clients, she has developed cost-saving innovations that have established her as an authority in the field of project management.

Cathy lives in Yonkers with her husband Ken, dog Cali and cat Lola. She loves to ski, and do yoga and travel around the countryside on their Harley.

Cathy holds the following degrees and certificates:

  • 2007—MA in Integrated Medicine, The Graduate Institute, Bethany, CT
  • 2014—National Speaker Association – NYC Speaker Academy Certificate
  • 2013—NSA Laugh Lab Certificate
  • 2013—IIDA Credentialed Instructor “DONE” course (1) CEU credit
  • 2012—Antron Fiber Matters Certificate
  • 2005, 2010—Certificate Healthcare Construction
  • 2005—Certificate Emergency Room Design, Harvard School of Design
  • 1981—BS, Special Education, Keene State College

Speaking Engagements and Published Work:

  • 2016—CHD- When Everything Else Changes, What Stays the Same?
  • 2016—Cornell Symposium Hospitality Health & Design- Engagement Ejection; A Storytelling Strategy That Encourages Healthy Collaboration
  • 2016—AHRA Virtual Conference- The 3 Competencies: Building a Successful Imaging Project with Patient Care in Mind
  • 2016—AHRA- LINK- blog post Setting the Scene in Healthcare: Performing Your Way to Patient Satisfaction
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  • 2016—IFMA Albany- Creating Healthy Patient and Employee Environments
  • 2016—Montefiore Hospital – DONE
  • 2016—PMI-NYC- Chapter Outreach Panel- Healthcare
  • 2016—OR&L Construction – Patient Driven Initiative Strategy Series
  • 2016—SMPS- Panel Moderator – CT Projects & Projections and Annual Meeting
  • 2016—NSANYC- Speaker Academy instructor/mentor
  • 2016—Guest Blogger- Corporate Speech Solutions – Connect With Your Shareholders: They Hold the Keys to the Kingdom.
  • 2016—Linked in Blog post- 3 Simple Tips to Help You Foster Collaboration
  • 2016—Linked in Blog Post- Stakeholders Hold the Key to the Kingdom
  • 2016—Linked in Blog Post- Avoid Healthcare Project Aggravation 3 Key Skills
  • 2015—SMPS- Panel Moderator- What to Do After It’s Due?
  • 2015—IIDA Health Well Done
  • 2015—CHD Pebble On Practice Workshop—Functional Program
  • 2015—Article for trade publications “Innovation in Healthcare Begins with a Healthy Team”
  • 2015—Lunch & Learn—”DONE!” Healthcare companies
  • 2014—National Speakers NYC meeting—Should Healthcare be More Like a Spa?
  • 2014—Early Morning Learning Session—“DONE!”
  • 2014—Planetree Conference—In Other Words, The Construction and Clinical Guide to Building Patient Centered Environments
  • 2014—Association of Healthcare Engineering Conference—“DONE!”
  • 2014—IIDA Healthcare Forum Spring Cleaning
  • 2013—e-Builder Conference “Integrating e-Builder into Healthcare Project Management”
  • 2012—Guest lecture at Simmons College, MA
  • 2010—CTGBC “Holistic Design The Future Of Healthcare Environment”
  • 2010—Planetree “Futuristic Design for a Wellness Center”
  • 2010—Sound Waters Business Lecture series “Going Green At Stamford Hospital”
  • 2009—Healthcare Design Conference “Futuristic Design for a Wellness Center”
  • 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2012, & 2013—PWC Hartford Healthcare guest panel
  • 2007—Co-author, “How To Bring Integrated Medicine Into A Hospital Environment” Graduate Institute Master’s thesis

Professional Associations:

  • 2013–Present—NSA-NYC professional member, treasurer and board member
  • 2014–Present—Healthcare Design- Environmental Standards council member
  • 2003–Present—ASHE- Association of Healthcare Professionals