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    • Healthcare Project Managers

      Pressure is on. Your small projects are just as much work as large projects. You’re overworked and don’t have enough resources. You know the outcome of the completed project affects the bottom line and determines management performance analysis. That means you’re judged and graded on projects being completed on time and within budget with the added layer of patient satisfaction and safety scores.

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    • Construction Management

      You’re brought in to do the scope of work presented in a plan with little to no involvement in the development of that plan. A lot is at stake. Without the proper background, there are extraordinary pitfalls to sabotage your project- from disgruntled or uninformed healthcare workers to the spread of infectious diseases, safety concern of working in a 24/7 operating facility with regular life and death emergencies happening around your project.

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    • Medical Equipment Consulting

      You need accurate monthly forecasting. In order to have the cutting edge on sales and create lasting relationships with repeat customers you have to understand the hospital dynamics, capital planning, and project delivery methods. You need to be able to effectively communicate with and understand the needs to the staff.

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      helps everyone remember that the project ultimately revolves around the care of the patient and supports the relationship between the patient and the healthcare provider.
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      refers to project management, and puts the Project Manager in the lead and at the center of a team. The result is a group that functions with a common intention and can collaborate effectively to complete the project.
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      begins with an articulated goal, and focuses on the nuts and bolts of the project itself. A Healthy Project uses evidence-based design, integrates all healing modalities, goes green wherever possible and generates a high ROI.
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    “Cathy Dolan’s ‘DONE!’ Program highlights the importance of recognizing the different perspectives that each member of a construction team brings.”

    Glori Keller, Architect, GB Design Studio